well what to say im a 16 year old soon to be junior in highschool. spending all my days working from 9-5 making a pretty penny atleast enough for me to get by. though havnt had much time for it lately soccer is sort of my thing along with drawing and reading as much as i can. not much else to say

Wednesday, June 23, 2004

almost there

well one more day till i leave on vacation. i freakin cant wait, 8 days away from everything just to enjoy myself and relax its gonna rock. beach,babes, and everything else what else could ya want lol. i'll leave another post before i leave but for now people i am outta here.


man im tired work was crazy today. i moved so many picnic tables and cut so much grass i'd be happy without the color green and a wooden bench for the rest of my life. this is my first posting so who knows what everyone will think. im having a hard time with all these thoughts running through my mind every day. i have alot of girls that are my friends but yet im far from having a gf its kinda crazy i guess. sorta bugs me somtimes but others its nice to be single but rather i'd go for the non single life because well its nice to have someone to be with and talk to.